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  • Controversies in the Psychopharmacology of Bipolar Disorder

    Robert M. Post, MD (Chair), et al

    In this multimedia activity, learn pharmacologic principles for the use of mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and antidepressants, and discover how to choose appropriate therapies for maintenance treatment and partial response.

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  • Diagnosing MS: Recognizing Common Symptoms and Interpreting MRI Results

    Michael C. Levin, MD, and W. Clay Jackson, MD, DipTh

    Read this Neurology Report to find out how to apply updated diagnostic criteria to recognize MS in its early stages and to rule out similar conditions using appropriate tests.

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  • The Glutamate Hypothesis of Schizophrenia

    Jonathan M. Meyer, MD

    Get an overview of the glutamate hypothesis to better understand the underlying neuropathology of schizophrenia and consider glutamate as a potential treatment target for this illness.

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  • Depression: Addressing Partial Response After First-Line Antidepressant Treatment

    Michael E. Thase, MD (Chair), et al

    Explore this Commentary to read a summary of 3 CME activities that provide assessment tools and treatment strategies for partial response and to learn areas of unmet needs and future education in depression treatment.

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Recognizing and Overcoming Potential Barriers to Oral Medications for MS

Three oral disease-modifying treatments are now FDA-approved for patients with MS. Update your understanding of the positive and negative aspects of each oral medication including their associated risks and benefits.




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Depression and Multimorbidity: A Cross-Sectional Study of 1,751,841 Patients in Primary Care

Daniel J. Smith, MD (Chair), et al

How do you help your patients receive coordinated medical and psychiatric care? Read this CME article to see why health care systems must be structured to manage multiple conditions concurrently rather than to use a single-disease approach.

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Commentary: Caring for Returning Veterans: Meeting Mental Health Needs

Terence M. Keane, MD (Chair), et al

Read about the challenges that returning veterans face in receiving mental health care and the ways that family members, employers, and communities can support them.

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