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Preventing Clinical Deterioration in the Course of Schizophrenia: The Potential for Neuroprotection

Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD (Chair)

Supported by an educational grant from Eli Lilly and Company.

  • Relationship of Nicotine Dependence, Subsyndromal and Pathological Gambling, and Other Psychiatric Disorders: Data From the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions / Risk Factors for Violent Crime in Schizophrenia: A National Cohort Study of 13,806 Patients / Long-Term Mental Health Resource Utilization and Cost of Care Following Group Psychoeducation or Unstructured Group Support for Bipolar Disorders: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Jon E. Grant, Rani A. Desai, and Marc N. Potenza / Seena Fazel, Martin Grann, Eva Carlström, Paul Lichtenstein, and Niklas Långström / Jan Scott, Francesc Colom, Ekaterina Popova, Antonio Benabarre, Nuria Cruz, Marc Valenti, José M. Goikolea, Jose Sánchez-Moreno, Miguel A. Asenjo, and Eduard Vieta