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Depression and Pain

John H. Greist, MD (Chair)

Learn about the pathways shared by pain and depression, find out how pain affects depression remission, and receive treatment recommendations to promote recovery for your patients with these conditions.

Supported by an educational grant from Eli Lilly and Company.

  • A Meta-Analysis of the Risk of Acute Extrapyramidal Symptoms With Intramuscular Antipsychotics for the Treatment of Agitation / Why Don't Psychiatrists Use Scales to Measure Outcome When Treating Depressed Patients? / Academic Highlights: Depression and Pain

    Theodore D. Satterthwaite, Daniel H. Wolf, Robert A. Rosenheck, Raquel E. Gur, and Stanley N. Caroff / Mark Zimmerman and Joseph B. McGlinchey / John H. Greist, MD (Chair), et al.

    University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Healthcare Technology Systems, Inc., and the Madison Institute of Medicine, Madison