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Featured Activity
Current Standards of Treatment in MS and the Role of Oral Agents
Harold Moses, Jr, MD

New! In this Neurology Report, learn about the efficacy and safety profiles of current MS treatments. Plus, weigh the advantages and disadvantages associated with oral medications.

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Prescribing Antidepressants for Bipolar Depression: What Does the Evidence Say?
Susan L. McElroy, MD

Discover why antidepressant monotherapy is not recommended by current guidelines, what risks are associated with their use, and when their use is indicated.

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Common Comorbidities and Differential Diagnosis of Restless Legs Syndrome
William G. Ondo, MD

Find out which disorders are often confused with restless legs syndrome (RLS) and which conditions and medications are associated with secondary RLS.

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Featured Activity
Measurement-Based Strategies to Assess and Manage Schizophrenia
Leslie Citrome, MD, MPH (Chair), et al

Read this Supplement to discover how to distinguish between primary and secondary negative symptoms, find out how to assess treatment response, and review new therapeutic targets.

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Depression: Managing the Full Range of Symptoms to Achieve Lasting Remission
John M. Zajecka, MD (Chair), et al

Do you treat your patients with MDD until they are asymptomatic? In this Supplement, find out how to recognize, monitor, and treat residual symptoms.

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Using Measurement-Based Care With Patient Involvement to Improve Outcomes in Depression
Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH, and Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD

This Commentary summarizes an online CME program on the treatment of depression and assesses outcomes of that program.

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Featured Activity
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Case of a 62-Year-Old Man With Visual Complaints and Cognitive Decline
Saurav Das, Adam S. Fleisher, Roy Yaari, James D. Seward, Anna D. Burke, Helle Brand, and Pierre N. Tariot

Learn how vision problems and cognitive decline may be indicative of a variant of Alzheimer's disease.

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Working Together to Address Domestic Violence Among Veterans
Casey T. Taft, PhD

Get an overview of core themes in troubled relationships as well as ways to assess for, prevent, and address intimate partner violence in veterans and their families.

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Update on Treatment-Resistant Depression: Translating Clinical Science Into Effective Therapies
Michael E. Thase, MD

Review the burden of and risk factors for TRD, learn how to assess for treatment resistance, and find out about current and new therapeutic strategies.

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multimedia curriculum
The Role of the Extended Health Care Team in Successful LAI Therapy: Education to Overcome Barriers
Christoph U. Correll, MD

Learn about the pros and cons of LAI antipsychotics and ways to address health care team concerns.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Youth: Assessment and Treatment
Jennifer G. Wells, MSW, LISW

Do you have young patients with OCD? Here, learn how developmental factors, family involvement, and co-occurring conditions affect treatment.

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Assessing Response to Treatment and Recognizing Residual Depressive Symptoms
Maurizio Fava, MD

Find out how to assess your patients' response to treatment and recognize residual symptoms so that you can implement appropriate next-step strategies.

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Update on Best Practices for Managing Bipolar Depression
Drs Sachs and Ketter

New! This Commentary summarizes 2 CME activities on managing bipolar depression through using measurement-based assessments and knowing which medications are most effective.

Potential Barriers to Oral MS Medications
Harold Moses, Jr, MD

New! Learn about the positive and negative aspects of the 3 FDA-approved oral medications for MS including their associated risks and benefits.

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Underestimating the effect of environmental factors on behavior

Assuming ADHD symptoms are due to individual shortcomings

The high number of available, culturally competent specialists

2. Your African American patient, Ms M, recently had her son diagnosed with ADHD, and she recognizes a lot of his symptoms in herself, especially concentration and organizational problems. She admits she doesn’t want to be labeled, and she thinks it will upset her parents if she is diagnosed with ADHD too. What would be the best strategy to understand her problems and provide help?

Tell her that ADHD is common in adults so she should not worry about her parents’ reaction

Describe the therapy and medication options available that can help with her symptoms

Explain that many adults have her symptoms, and they may not be related to ADHD

Emphasize the importance of family support and education and discuss her feelings about her symptoms, her son’s diagnosis, and why her parents would be upset

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Measure of Anxiety in MDD
Mark Zimmerman, MD

Anxiety is high in patients with MDD. Learn about a reliable self-administered scale that measures both anxiety and depression.

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